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Why do you describe yourselves as an ethical cleaning agency?

Our company is founded on the ethos of support and improvement. Our team of cleaners and carpet cleaners are given on-the-job training to get them up to speed as quickly as possible. We also support in the following ways:

  • We pay above minimum wage as we feel cleaners do a worthwhile job
  • We have a clear line of promotion to offer our 'stars' opportunities as supervisors and career advancement at Sparkles
  • What is the difference between regular cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning

    A regular clean can be defined as a clean of the areas of the home that you have contact with on a daily basis. In the kitchen its work surfaces, cooker top, washing dishes and sweeping and mopping the floors.

    For a s it's a deeper clean which means cleaning all of the corners of the house that you don't get to on regular basis which it takes considerably longer. For the kitchen it would often include cleaning the oven, inside the fridge, inside the cupboards, skirting boards, doorframes, internal windows etc.

    Do I need to provide the cleaning products?

    We will provide all of the cleaning products and equipment on  end of tenancy and builders cleans' that are used during the clean. If you have any specific requirements that need specialist cleaning products then we will order them and pass on the cost.

    What are after builders cleans?

    Whether you have had a whole refurbishment or just a small DIY project it can result in a very dusty home so much so that it generally takes about 10 hours to clean a 2 bed flat. We recommend that you wait until at least the day after builders are out before starting with the clean to let the dust settle.

    When you book an after builders clean with Sparkles we will send a team of cleaners with all of the cleaning equipment and materials to remove the dust and get your place feeling like home again.

    What cleaning products do you supply on spring cleans?

    We bring the following:

  • Mops and buckets
  • Tall dusters for ceiling cobwebs and ostrich feather dusters
  • Dyson Hoover
  • Vax Carpet Cleaner
  • Regular or eco friendly cleaning products (please specify at booking)
  • Are there any additional charges or fees?

    We do not charge agency fees or administration fees for regular cleaning.

    What areas in Liverpool do you cover

    We cover all of merseyside and the wirral

    Do you clean communal areas?

    We are happy to provide either daily, weekly or monthly cleaning of communal areas of office blocks, shared flats and blocks of flat.

    Please give us a call and we can arrange on on-site quote.

    What is the difference between a spring clean and end of tenancy clean?

    Spring cleans are based on cleaning the nooks and cranny's that you  cannot get to on a weekly cleaning basis such as woodwork, internal windows, oven and fridge. We have a basic list of tasks that you can add to based on your budget and needs

    End of tenancy cleans are more comprehensive and are usually based on the inventory requirements.

    What do I get if recommend a friend to Sparkles?

    We hope that good news travels fast. When one of our customers recommends a friend and they become a regular customer we will give 1 regular clean as a 'thank you'.

    What stains can you remove from carpet cleaning?

    Our technically advanced system is designed to remove alcohol, blood, browning, butter, candle wax, chewing gum, coffee & tea, chocolate, cough syrup, crayons, eggs (raw), food colouring, fruit juice, furniture stain, glue, grass, gravy, grease, ice cream, lily pollen, jam, ketchup, lipstick, mildew, milk, mud, mustard, nail polish, oils, paint, rust, salt, shoe polish, soot, tar, toothpaste, urine, vomit and wine.

    What is the minimum for carpet cleaning?

    We charge a minimum of £60 per visit. 

    How long before I can use the room?

    Usually with a standard carpet clean the carpet is dry after about an hour. If the carpet is particularly stained then leave it a little longer as more cleaning solution will have been used.

    What hours do Sparkles cleaners work?

    Our commercial cleaning teams are available 24hrs a day 364 days a year. Please give us notice to arrange unusual hours.

    What happens if I am not happy with the quality of the clean?

    From our years of experience, we believe that cleaning is all about communication, managing what can be done in the time allocated to clean. 

    We understand it can be frustrating not to get the service you expect and Sparkles does everything possible to ensure a good job. On the rare occasions a clean is not done to your specification please you let us know within 24hrs of the clean and we will arrange for a cleaner to go back and redo the job.